Trane Chiller

Air-Cooled Chillers

Turn to the Trane range of air-cooled chillers and you’re opting for a unique combination of ‘A’ Class performance and outright reliability from a world leader in HVAC systems.
  • High ambient: 52℃
- Low ambient: -18℃ - Wide ambient: -18℃~52℃ Condenser fin material: to anticorrosion - Standard aluminum slit fin - Copper fin - Expoy coated black fin Quiet operation - Designed throughout for low vibration throughout the unit, ensuring minimal sound propagation. - Low sound level versions available for particularly sensitive applications Easy installation - Single connections – one for electricity, one for water, one for control

Trane Adapter TM Helical Rotary Chiller

  • Model RTHD with Adaptive Frequency TM Drive 150 – 425 (50Hz) 175 – 450 (60Hz) Superior part-load energy efficiency with unrivalled quietest performance
The new RTHD chiller inherits proven Series R performance, plus all the advantages of improved AFD, bringing to you:

• Energy efficiency
• Quietest performance
• Application versatility
• Ease of installation
• Control precision
• System reliability
• Operational cost effectiveness
• Drive longevity
• Water temperature control
• Customized efficiency The increased efficiency and reduced refrigerant charge of a RTHD with AFD chiller can help earn multiple US Green Building Council LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points for your building in pursuit of LEED Certification, also potentially gaining rebates and incentives offered by some utility companies. Its advanced design enables chilled water temperature control to ±0.5°F (0.3°C), which in turn allows more precise humidity control.

HFCF PEAK Horizontal Concealed Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit

Product Details:
  • Usage: Industrial Use

  • HFCF is another leap over the leading HFCF, working everywhere around the world. HFCF meets the standards of today’s market, as well as the anticipated needs of tomorrow’s market. The tradition that company founder Reuben Trane began in the 1930s continues with the latest generation of fan-coils from The Trane Company. The best design we are offering by HFCF: -Louver fin to drive higher heat transfer efficiency -Larger diameter fan to further improve noise level -Various ESP (External Static Pressure) motor options to provide more precise match -Dedicated EarthWiseTM (large delta T application) coil option -Full AQP in design and production process to ensure quality delivery -Many newly patented designs to deliver unique comfort

Centrifugal Chillers

Highest efficiency
  • Exceeding 10 percent more efficient than any other centrifugal chiller design – Direct drive compressor provides 2 to 3 percent better efficiency – Multi-stage design with integrated flash economizer drives 5 to 7 percent better cycle efficiency
  • The industry’s most efficient, low pressure, next-generation, low-GWP refrigerant.
  • Duplex™ chiller design utilizing series counterflow arrangement provides the industry’s highest efficiency for large tonnage applications Environmental stewardship
  • Near-zero global warming potential with R-1233zd(E), a next-generation, low-GWP refrigerant that is one of the few non-flammable olefin options available today
  • Low pressure, leak-tight design keeps refrigerant inside the chiller
  • Patented EarthWise™ purge auto-regeneration cycle reclaims refrigerant for return to the refrigerant cycle
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