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Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor (37-350 Kw)

Product Details:
  • Power: 250 kW
  • Capacity: 220-1600 cfm
  • Model: 37-250
  • Output Pressure: 7-13 kg
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Time proven oil-free airend combined with innovative, market leading Nirvana HPM motor.

Rotors coated with Ultra Coat – the most durable rotor coating available.

UlteraCoat – Energy saving and longer life

Available in water cooled configuration only.

This model is available with stand-alone VFD (variable Frequency Drive) as option.


· Superior Technology

· Oil-free heritage

· Stainless-steel HP rotor

· Inlet valve superiority

· Dual-vented seals



Rotary Air Compressor

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Power: 45-160 kW
  • Capacity: 262-1040 cfm
  • Model: R45-R160
  • Output Pressure: 7-14 kg

Ingersoll Rand R-Series compressors offer the best of time-proven designs and technologies with advanced features to ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity.


· Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC) Protection

· V-Shield Technology

· Sequential Cooling System

· Time-Proven Airends

· Trouble-Free Operation

· Xe-Series Controller

· Optional R-Series Total Air System (TAS)



Rotary Screw Air Compressor 4-37kw / 5-50hp

Approx Price: Rs 3 Lakh / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Power: 7-11 kW
  • Capacity: 38-56 cfm
  • Model: UP-5-7 TAS to 8 TAS
  • Output Pressure: 8-14 kg

Having strong and leakage proof structure, the provided compressor is having its huge demands in automotive, construction, chemical, mining and different industries for compressing air. The UP-Series is more than an integrated air system, it's a complete air solution designed to maximize the key drivers of profitability in today's business.


· More Air For Your Money

· Smart, Energy Efficient Controls

· Maximum Uptime

· Installation Close to Point-of-Use

· Closely Maintained Pressure

· 70% Fewer Connections

· Compact Footprint Design

· Optional Total Air System Package


Technical Data:


·         Model Name: UP-5-7TAS to 8TAS

·         Flow: 38-56 cfm


·         Pressure:  8-14 kg

Two Stage- Reciprocating Air Compressor

Approx Price: Rs 10 Lakh / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Power: 30 hp
  • Capacity: 60 cfm
  • Model: T 30
  • Output Pressure: 12 kg

These compressors have extra heavy-duty components and are designed for minimum maintenance and maximum performance. Low and High pressure air compressors are widely used in power generation plant,


· Pharmaceutical Industries

· Textile Industries

· Petroleum Industries

· Food Processing

· Laboratories

· Hospitals (except for breathing air applications)

· Building Material

· Chemical

· Electrical and Electronic

· Spray Painting




Dry Type Vacuum Pump

Approx Price: Rs 70,000 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Brand: IR
  • Model: V235-15V

Vacuum is one of the most versatile of power sources. It can lift, hold, Compact, evacuate, move, dehydrate, agitate, actuate, form, rotate, filter, clean and simulate high altitude.

The Ingersoll Rand T30 air cooled reciprocating single stage and two Stage vacuum pumps. These pumps achieve vacuum up to 737mm (29.0” Hg) for single stage and upto 754.4m|m (29.7” Hg) for two stage configuration, at sea level

Reciprocating Oil-Free Air Compressor

Approx Price: Rs 5 Lakh / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Capacity: 290 cfm
  • Inlet-Outlet Pressure: 8kg
  • Model: IS-1-20
  • Brand: IR

Oil-Free Compressor Packages are self-contained compressed air power plants. There is nothing more to buy or install. Assembled unit with interconnecting piping and cabling is factory tested and eliminates costly start-up delays due to elaborate installation


Technical Data:

· Atmospheric pressure: 14. PSIA, Temperature - 95°F & 70% RH considered

· Cooling water inlet temperature 32°C considered & cooler CTD will be 20°F

· The performance is at the compressor discharge flange

· The performance is subjected to tolerances as per test standard


v Capacity: 68cfm-29 cfm

v Pressure: 7kg-8kg

v Power: 20hp-75 hp


v Model: IS-1-20 to IS-1-20-75

High Pressure Air Compress

Product Details:
  • Power: 5-40 hp
  • Capacity: 7-75 cfm
  • Model: 15T-15T2
  • Output Pressure: 17-35kg
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

· Multi-Stage high pressure air compressors are designed for high pressure applications.

· Having extra heavy-duty components require minimum maintenance and gives maximum performance.

· PET blow moulding industry, military, diving and components testing.

Technical Data:

· Power: 5hp-40hp

· Capacity: 7cfm-75cfm


· Pressure: 17kg-35kg

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